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Benefits of Coaching Softball

Despite the fact that coaching any sport is a high stress job, people continue to take on the position. One of the most rewarding sports to coach is softball. Coaches get to know their players and watch them develop as they play through the long seasons.

The Rewards of Giving Time and Energy to a Team
A good softball coach is loved by his or her players. When a coach gives time and energy to a team, the players are appreciative. Because of this, they will play hard for the coach, giving their all to win for the coach. This is one of the biggest joys for coaches.

Being Directly Involved in the Game
Softball coaches who love the game get to enjoy the benefit of being directly involved with the game. They get to be in the dugout calling pitches when the defense is on the field. They also get to be on the field when the team is on offense. Being involved directly in the game is a huge adrenaline rush, especially when batters get big hits and the coaches get to wave in the runners. Softball coaches get to be closer to the action than most other coaches. This benefit is one of the most common reasons why people decide to coach.

Getting Great Gear
Some coaches decide to coach simply because they get great softball gear. The people who decide to coach for travel teams or schools usually get free hats, tops, and pants so they coordinate with the players on team. Coaches on travel teams usually do not get paid, so the free gear helps them justify their time away from their families.

Learning to Teach Personalized Skills
This might seem like a benefit only for the players, but the coaches get to teach skills to their players. Teaching is a fun thing to do and coaches get to personalize their teaching for the needs of their players. Some of the best coaches are people who teach professionally and they often enjoy sharing their professional skills with players who appreciate the help. Coaches get to share the skills they learned while playing and they get to see their players improve their game based on those shared skills. Seeing players reach their potential is a serious benefit for coaches who love the game.

Getting to Know a Great Group of Players
Coaches also get to make a difference in the lives of their players. In many cases, softball coaches, especially travel-ball coaches, can work with the same players for several years. They get to build memories with their players and the often become mentors for those players. When their favorite players move to the next level, in high school or college, coaches are often invited to games and special events related to the games. This is an honor that is often only given to coaches. They get to see how they affect the lives of their players in ways that other adults do not.

Developing Family Friendships
Coaches also get to know the families of their team members. Since many travel softball teams travel, coaches and their families get to stay in hotels with the families of their team members. They get to enjoy going out to dinners together and participating in team-building activities. The families can become friends for many years because they share the love to softball and the joys of watching their children grow up around the game.

Teaching the Necessary Skills for Life
Finally, coaches get to help their players perform better in all aspects of their lives. When softball players learn how to manage stress on the field, they are better able to manage it in their off-field lives. They learn how to celebrate without gloating. They learn how to be good team members. They learn how to accomplish goals with a team and on their own. Softball coaches get to teach these skills and watch their players grow up into quality citizens.

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